Summer Team Play 2017- Week 3 Results

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Hey there guys,another fun night at COTTONWOOD with our Mens Club. Tonight was the end of the first have of Summer Team Play. The night was setup for fireworks. Would The Schnauzers remain unbeaten? Would Team 2 and Team 4 sneak in the backdoor and force a 3way tiebreaker? Would The Missing Links get that elusive win? All that drama,plus food and golf!! Much better then sitting at home and watching reruns. Well,wait no further,on to the results. The Schnauzers did..I said DID remain unbeaten by the slimmest of margins.They went out and did what they had to do to secure the first half win by forcing a tie with TEAM 4, 12-12. It was enough to let them win the first half. I think that the team that was most happy tonight though,was THE MISSING LINKS,captained by Rob RICE . They got that elusive win by the score of 13-5 over Team 2. So the first half standings are as follows.
1.  THE SCHNAUZERS              2 – 0 – 1
2.   TEAM 4                                 1 – 1 – 1
3.   THE MISSING LINKS           1 – 2 – 0
4.   TEAM 2                                 1 – 2 – 0
Next week is our HORSE DERBY EVENT. Always a fun time. For any of you that have never tried this game before,you wont want to miss it. It will test your golf game not only on the holes that are played,but the competition to stay in the race with your chipping and or putting. Of course we will have our raffle as usual and don’t forget about the food and fellowship with your buddies.
The 2nd half of the season will start on 7/27/2017 so keep that in mind too.  On a side note guys,Mike and I would like to thank all of you guys for coming out early and enjoying the fellowship with your friends on a weekly basis. The Men’s club wouldn’t be the same with out all the laughter and joking around during these events. We appreciate all of you guys for your generosity when it comes to giving a little extra for the waitress’s and servers at the end of the evening. Take care all,see you next Thursday
Dennis Conway

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