September Masters Results

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The September Masters is in the books. The final Masters Cup event to qualify for the top 30 players has been completed. Go to Master Cup Standings and see if you made the cut. The October Masters will combine the 3 month playoff for 2016 (top 30) and the beginning event for 2017. 62 players showed up for the September Event. Cottonwood was buzzing with the Good News that Henry Gamboa and his Henchmen have left the building!!!!!!! Western Golf Properties will assume the short term management of the course. Now on to the Tournament. Winning Flight #1 with a smooth net 66 was Sean Hayes. Sean’s dad Mike Hayes grabbed 2nd place 2 stokes back. Another family affair saw Tom Neer take 3rd place in a card off with his son Tommy Neer who claimed 4th. One son beat his father and one father beat his son. Try to figured that one out, as John Campion would say, “You Look At It”. Flight #2 saw a 3 way tie for 1st. Jim Goggin won the card off, Nino Larussa took 2nd, Tom Loveday 3rd. All 3 players shot net 68. 4th place had 4 players shooting net 69. Keith Jackson won the card off to claim the 4th spot. Talk about stiff competition Wow, but as Campion says, “You Look At It”. Flight #3 Also had a 3 way tie for 1st. John Kline won the card off over Bob Schneider (who took 2nd) and Rob Rice (who took 3rd) all 3 players shot net 69. Finishing 4th with a net 70 was Tom Greene. Close to the Pins were as follows; #4 Ivanhoe, Kelly Moore 18”, #9 Ivanhoe, Jory McEachern 4’2”, #12 Ivanhoe, Tom Loveday 10’9”, #18 Ivanhoe, Rich Zallar 5’3”. Each Player collected $25.00. The Skins game: Gross paid $50.00 per skin. Winners were David Cammall, Barry Williamson, Tommy Neer and Nino Larussa. Net paid $100.00 per skin. Winners were Barry Williamson, Rich Zallar, Nino Larussa. A Big Thank You goes out to John and Rob for running the Tournament and to Gerry Ruiz for the improved course conditions. It was good to see old friend Spike Rahn back playing in a Masters event. With the Gamboa Gang long gone, who knows how many old friends will return. For the first time in 12 years, members at Cottonwood can get excited about the future. The good times will be back before we know it. Let’s keep those positive vibes going. For me, I don’t want to rehash the Gamboa Years, I only want to “Press on leaving those things behind and reach forward to those things that are ahead”. See you at the October Masters. One last reminder to all of you who are 55 years and older. The Senior Club Championships will be held on Wednesday October 12th. Tee off will be 11:00am. SCGA LI handicaps will be used. Sign up with Rob or John. Cheers to the future of the WOOD

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