September Masters Results

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This was the last Masters for 2015 to determine the top 30 players who will compete over the next 3 months to become the 2015 Master Cup Champion. Final Standings for the playoff will be posted later this coming week. It was a Hot Humid Saturday and the players were grinding. Winning Flight #1 shooting a fine net 67 was Kelly Moore. 3 players (all shooting net 69) were in a card off. 2nd place went to Jory McEarchern 3rd place went to Jerry Ruiz and 4th place went to Mark Dobransky. 1st place in Flight #2 went to net club champion Dennis Conway who shot a net 67, 2nd place went to Rob Blaemers with a net 69, in 3rd place with a net 70 was Gary Case. Dennis Jamison took 4th with a net 71. In Flight #3 Johnny Simpson fired a day low net 65 to capture 1st place, Craig Farrar shot a fine net 67 to capture 2nd place,  3rd went to Jim Landstedt with a net 69 and in 4th place was John Kline with a net 70. Close to the Pins were as follows. #4 Ivanhoe: Mark Dobransky 2’7”, #9 Ivanhoe: Dennis Jamison Hole in One, #12 Ivanhoe: John Damron 5’10” and #18 Ivanhoe: Kelly Moore 8’11”. Let go back the to Hole Number 9. The par 3 played 153 yds to a back pin. Dennis Jamison hit a 5 Iron and made a hole in one. This was the first hole in one at a Masters Event  in I don’t know how many years. Probably only John Campion knows how long it has been. The hole in one was Dennis’s 8th. He was last seen signing a hefty bar tab for all the drinks he had to buy. Good Job Dennis and thank you for the beer. The October Masters will be the start of the 2016 Cup Season. It will also be the 1st month playoff for the top 30 from 2015. If you were fortunate to finish in the top 30 make sure you play in all 3 playoff rounds. There is big money on the line. $5,000.00 will be divided between the 30 finishers. Thanks again to Rob Blaemers and John Damron for the hard work and Thanks to Jerry Ruiz for the excellent greens. See you all at the Masters in October.

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