SCGA Saturday Team Play Update as of 2/22 by Bo Cunningham

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Cottonwood’s Saturday Team’s season ended this weekend with a crushing 27-21 loss to Oceanside. Missing it’s top 4 players, Cottonwood hung in there until the final group, but Oceanside was just to much. The results were as follows: Team #1 Dobransky/Goggins 4-2, Team #2 Cammall/Jamison 3-3, Team #3 Hearold/Ryan 0-6, Team #4 Hilmen/Conway 4-2, Team #5 Keeney/Conn 0-6, Team #6 Williamson/Wohlers 6-0, Team #7 Schneider/Campion 4-2, Team #8 Naschant/ Surprenant 0-6. Final Oceanside 27 Cottonwood 21. The final standings are: 1st Place Bonita 2-2 2nd Place Cottonwood 2-2 3rd Place Oceanside 2-2. Bonita moves on holding the tiebreaker over Cottonwood. What a season it could have been. When at full strength Cottonwood was the team to beat. Many thanks to the players who stepped up this last weekend. Thank You Bryan Conn. Thank You Tim Ryan. Thank You Paul Naschant. Thank You Rich Wohlers and Thank You Ralph Hearold. Without the five of you, we would have been unable to field a team. Many Thanks to Captain Dale Hilmen for his tireless effort in forming the team and keeping it together. We look forward to next season. Hopefully everybody will return and if they do, we will be the solid favorite to win our division. One last note. My vote for MVP this season is John Campion. John was hesitant to play this season. He felt nobody wanted an 80 year old player. Well that 80 year old player won 3 of his 4 matches and finished with a 6-2 record. Well done Hollywood. You have convinced us all that 80 is the new 60. Hugga Chugga here to You. Go Blue. See you all next season. Bo Cunningham for Captain Dale Hilmen.

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