Rob’s Rambling August 2013

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Rob’s Rambling August 2013

Rob’s Rambling By Rob Blaemers

We had 60 player in this month’s Masters. Most players finished in just over 4 hours and we had a first time 3 Flight playoff’s for 1st place.

First flight was tied with Sam Saenz and Jerry Ruiz with 70 net. Jerry prevailed in the playoff for $100 and 60 points.

Second flight was a 4 way tie with Dale Hilman  ($100 +60 points) holding  off Ralph Hearold, ($60 + 55 points) Mike Wiggins ($40 +50) and Gary Case ($25 +45 points).

Flight 3 was Derik Leslie  ($100 + 60) carding a birdie on the first playoff hole and prevailing over Dale Alexander  ($60 +55). Good play by all players involved. Thanks to all who competed.

The Club Championship is 8/17 and 18th. We started a signup sheet at the August Masters, but it was misplaced in the festivities! I will sent out a email next week with more details and you can signup then. You can request a group to play in the first day. Day 2 will be paired by ranking.

The Board is looking for suggestion to replace the Event canceled in June. We want to know if you want to have another Make you own team Scramble or maybe a Schamble. (All tee off , than play own ball out and score the best)   Input is requested for a date in September.

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