President’s Report February 2018

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President’s Report February 2018

Presidents Report By George Perot


HAPPY NEW YEAR…Welcome to 2018. I hope everyone had a Great Holiday Season and a safe New Years Eve. We had a rocky 2017 not knowing which way the Golf Course was going. There were a lot of changes going on, the Pro Shop moved to the dining area, no one knew if the kitchen was going to be open or who was going to be behind the bar. We thought everything was getting better, but we found out that Jackie left for a better job. (She was part of the Management Team). Alex and Eli are doing a good job holding everything together.

Congratulation to Jim Landstedt for winning the Masters Cup by edging out Tom Neer and Bill Borden.

Our Thursday and Saturday Team Play is at the half way point. Saturday Team started out hot by winning 37 to 11. The next two matches they hit a bump and they are 1 and 2 in the standings. I’m sure they will come back in the next three matches and right the ship.

Thursday Team play swept Salt Creek but lost the first match with Mission Trails, so they are 2 – 1.

Don’t forget our February 11th Master is on a Sunday this month.

See you there

George Perot