President’s Report February 2019

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President’s Report February 2019

Presidents Report By George Perot


I hope everyone had a Happy New Year. It is the beginning of a NEW YEAR and we survived another year at Cottonwood. Shantel Nemecek  is the new Director of Golf.  She has a strong golf background and works very hard for the Mens Club. One thing we forget is she has only (1) 18 hole golf course to work with. It is a difficult job keeping us happy and making money for  Western Golf. We need to do a better job when making Tee Times.

  • Make sure you get there on time
  • Call and cancel if you can’t make it
  • We are having problems with guys booking for the Masters then not showing and what’s worse yet is not calling

I know you have heard all the talk about Cottonwood becoming a Sand Mine.  Dale Hilmen and I attended one of the many meeting and I took some notes. You can see below my notes and my feelings about the Sand Mine.



On 11/6/2018 the Valle De Oro Community Planning Group had a meeting at Otay Water District regarding the “Cottonwood Golf Course Repurposing Project”. The Planning Group  provided feedback on whether the Planning Group should approve the project and what recommendations the Planning Group should make to the Board of Supervisors who will have final approval on this project. Approximately 85 to 90 people from the Rancho, Jamul and Steele Canyon area attended the meeting.

Enviro Mine Inc presented their proposal to the group and explained what a benefit it would be to the community. (It was hard not to laugh)

  • They will remove 5.8 million tons of sand
  • They will have 85 big Trucks daily hauling sand out
  • Big earth mover digging
  • Hours of operation  00AM to 6.30AM 
  • 30AM to 3.00PM

The people from the community had their say!!! Some of the objections—-

  • 85 Trucks driven by Drug user, Drunks and Speeders
  • We have a local grade school that parents drop off kids
  • Local High School with newly licensed Drivers
  • Sycuan Casino Traffic
  • Hollywood Casino Traffic
  • Bicyclist riding Bikes
  • Disturbing Local Habitat
  • Dirt and anything else they disturb floating in the air

A number of other objections. Who is going to be responsible, when one of these trucks running at 55 MPH plus a heavy load gets lose and kills someone?

At end of the meeting this is the response from the 10 man Planning Group below:

8 thought the proposal was poorly written and would not consider this plan

2 Thought we needed the Sand and they need to rewrite their Proposal

My personal opinion: it is 10 -15 Years away from starting. They still have to answer these questions

  • Traffic problems
  • Habitat
  • Air pollution
  • What will happen to property after Sand Mining is finished (will the Cottonwood owner wait that long)?


George Perot