October Masters Results

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I realized yesterday that I didn’t pick up my 60 degree Titlest Vokey after I tripled 18 (#9 Ivanhoe) for the loss. Did anyone happen to turn it in? The pro shop didn’t have it. Please let me know when you have a moment. Thanks!

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Blake Brands

A warm Indian Summer morning greeted 60 players, 30 of which competed in 2 tournaments. October starts the 2017 Master Cup Season. October also starts the 3 month competition for the 2016 Master Cup Champion. It turned out to be a highly competitive Saturday. 26 of the 60 players were within 3 net strokes of one another. The low score for the day was net 70. 14 of the 30 in the Master Cup Playoff were within 3 stokes. There was a lot of, “ if I only made that 3 foot putt”, “if I didn’t have that penalty stoke”, if I hadn’t sculled that chip”!!! You get the idea. It was incredibly close all day. Check out the results for yourself. It is a new leaderboard for the 2016 Master Cup Champion. #1 Mike Labruno, #2 Tommy Neer III, #3 Johnny Cruse, #4 Tom Neer, #5 Bryan Schow. Only 70 points separate the Top 5. Remember the tournaments in the playoffs are worth double points. November will definitely be moving day. It is getting pretty exciting. There are only two events left to crown the 2016 Champion. The 2017 Top 5 looks like this: #1 Jim Landstedt, #2 Barry Williamson, #3 Mike Labruno, #4 Bill Borden, #5 Kelly Moore. Please check the tournament results for how you finished in your flight, who won the skins and who had the close to the pin awards. Many thanks to Rob Bleamers for his solid effort running the tournament. We missed John Damron. Poor Rob had his hands full. Thank You Jim Landstedt for helping Rob with the scoring. Don’t forget the Cottonwood Senior Club Championships. The event will be held on Wednesday October 12th. First Tee is 11:00am. You have to be 55 and older to qualify. Sign up online either with Rob or John.

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