Current Master Cup Points

Jim Landstedt captures the 2017 Cottonwood Master Cup Championship. Long time Cottonwood Men’s Club Member Jim Landstedt held off a furious rally from Tom Neer to claim the 2017 Master Cup. Jim finished the 15 month competition 5 pts ahead of Neer. Here are the top 5 finishers. 1) Jim Landstedt 850 pts. 2) Tom Neer 845 pts. 3) Bill Borden 740 pts. 4) Tom Laybourne 715 pts. 5) Tommy Neer 685 pts. The Master Cup is Cottonwoods crown jewel, it rewards the most consistent golfer over a 15 month period. Jim certainly earned this year’s championship and guess what? After the first 3 months of the 2018 Master Cup, he is the leader. Can Jim become the first 2 time winner? Time will tell in another 12 months. The past champions are: 2013 John Crisp, 2014 Bo Cunningham, 2015 Dave Cammall, 2016 Mike Labruno, 2017 Jim Landstedt. The prize money will be awarded  to the 2017 top 30 finishers this coming January. Congratulations Mr. Landstedt. You are a worthy Champion. It was a job well done.