July Masters Results

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It was a beautiful Saturday summer day at the Cottonwood July Masters. Over 70 players participated. The day started with a great complementary buffet breakfast. Thank you Cottonwood staff members. The pace of play was reasonable and the players seemed to be enjoying themselves. The greens were rolling nice. Thank You Jerry Ruiz. There was some serious scoring going on. In Flight #1 Dave Cammall was the winner and kept his stranglehold on the number 1 position in the 2015 Master Cup Standings. Johnny Cruse, winner of Flight #3 debated that comment and feels that he is now number 1. Ray Cox will have our current 2015 standings out in a couple of days so we will see if Johnny is right. Flight #2 had the knockdown drag out with Barry Williamson, Dick Kearney and Richard Furry all shooting net 67’s. They played a 3 hole playoff, but that only eliminated Furry. Williamson and Kearney battled all the way to the 8 hole before a winner could be decided. The Winner Barry Williamson. Flight #3 saw Johnny Cruse and Ben Aaron both shoot net 67’s, but they decided to flip a coin to see who would win. Heads and the winner was Johnny Cruse. Close to the pins were hotly contested. #4 Ivanhoe Mike Keeney, #9 Ivanhoe Craig Farrar (inside 1ft), #12 Ivanhoe David Williamson and #18 Mike Rahn. Skins were paid out as follows, Gross $45.00 per skin and Net $50.00 per skin. Gross winners: David Williamson (2), Dick Kearney, David Cammall and Rob Blaemers. Net winners: Brian Deckard, Ralph Hearold, Dick Kearney, David Cammall, George Perot and Michael Allard. The 19th hole was, as usual, full of energy. John Campion was seen holding court at the bar. He had the bartenders in stitches with laughter. As we all know, they broke the mold with Campion. Poor John Damron had to hang around until 4pm so he could present the gift certificates the the winner and second place finishier of the Flight #2 playoff. Many Many thanks to the hard work that both John Damron and Rob Blaemers put in on Masters Saturdays. Is is very much appreciated by the membership. Thanks again for all you do Rob and John. Coming up Saturday July 25th is the blind draw scramble. Shotgun start 8am. Master Cup Points will count. Get your sign up into Rob as soon as possible. Have a great week.

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