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Why Join Cottonwood Men’s Club?

Cottonwood Men’s Club has a reputation of being the friendliest club in San Diego’s East County. Longtime, loyal members will welcome you on your first day and invite you to join in on the multiple monthly tournaments, designed for all players, scratch to high handicappers, as well as special tournaments for seniors. Following 18 holes on the challenging championship golf course, established in 1962, you will be invited to enjoy the guys at the 19th hole to enjoy great food and refreshments in the clubhouse, where friendly staff will quickly welcome you into the Cottonwood family.

1stplacesummerteamplay12Membership Benefits of the Cottonwood Men’s Club

  • Seventh Round Free
    For every six rounds played, members will receive the seventh round free. Weekend receipts good only on weekends. Weekday receipts good only on weekdays. Play Monday thru Thursday, after 10:00 A.M. and Friday thru Sunday, after 12:00 P.M. Carts not included.
  • Tee Times.  Two week advance booking and 72 hour cancellation.
  • Script.  May be used for green fees, range balls, and merchandise.
  • Pro Shop Discounts.  20% discount on merchandise in the shop (except sale items).
  • Range Balls Discount –  Save $1.00

Application for Membership

To the Board of Governors:

I hereby apply for membership in the Cottonwood Men’s Golf Club with the understanding that this application is subject to the approval or disproval by the Board of Governors. I am aware of and understand the following:

1. Officers and management of the Cottonwood Golf Course are not connected with and are not responsible for the determination of this application.

2. I agree to respect and adhere to all provisions of the bylaws and Standing Rules of the Men’s Club.

3. My purposes for joining the club are to attend meetings, participate in tournaments, promote good fellowship, sportsmanship, and golf etiquette.

4. I agree to pay annual dues of one hundred twenty ($125) dollars. The annual dues will cover the calendar year, and are payable on October 1 st of the preceding year. When joining midyear the dues will be prorated downward $20 in the 2nd quarter and $40 in the 3rd and 4th quarters.




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