2018 Master Cup Champion

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The 6th Annual Master Cup 2018 Edition is complete. The Champion is Kevin Bresnahan. Kevin finished the 3 month play off against the top 30 players accumulating 790 pts. edging Tom Neer who finished 2nd with 760 pts. In 3rd was Andrew Bartelt with 745 pts, followed by Bill Borden in 4th also with 745 pts. Rounding out the top 5 was Dale Hilmen with 697.5 pts. The prize money showed the following: 1st Place $440.00, 2nd Place $380.00, 3rd Place $305, 4th Place $305 and 5th Place $250.00. Kevin played some amazing golf over the 3 month period, which is what it takes to become a Master Cup Champion. Started in 2013, The Cottonwood Master Cup has become the Crown Jewel with in the Mens’s Club. It awards the golfer who plays in the most events on the Tournament Schedule and who plays the most consistent competitive golf over the annual season. Here is the historical list of previous winners:  2013 John Crisp,  2014 Bo Cunningham,  2015 Dave Cammall,  2016 Mark LaBruno,  2017 Jim Landstedt and 2018 Kevin Bresnahan. The 7th Annual Master Cup Competition has already kicked off with the January event. Do to some schedule complications, the February Event will be held on Sunday January 27th. So don’t forget to mark you calendars. There will be some changes to the 2019 Master Cup. Starting in January the event will run out through the calendar year ending December 2019. There will no longer be a 3 month top 30 play off. The winner will be crowned on his performance over 12 months. This change will put a priority on consistent golf and showing up for each and every Masters Event. The 2019 Champion will not have the luxury of missing many events. So bottom line, Cottonwood Golfers, put a priority on playing in each and every one of our Tournament Scheduled Events. Again Congrats to Kevin Bresnahan for a job well done. Mr. Bresnahan you are a worthy Champion.

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